Baby Sizes

Approximate ageChild's height Child's weight 
Newborn50 cmup to 3.5 kg
1 month56 cm4-5 kg
3 month62 cm5-6 kg
6 month68 cm7-8 kg
9 month74 cm8-9 kg
12 month80 cm9-10 kg
18 month86 cm10-11 kg
24 month92 cm11-12 kg
36 month98 cm12-14 kg

Junior Sizes

Approximate ageChild's height Child's chest (around)Child's waist (around)
2 year92 cm52 cm48 cm
3 year98 cm54 cm50 cm
4 year104 cm56 cm52 cm
5 year110 cm58 cm53 cm
6 year116 cm60 cm54 cm
8 year128 cm64 cm56 cm
10 year140 cm70 cm58 cm
12 year152 cm74 cm60 cm
14 year158 cm78 cm64 cm
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